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Online Presentation: Jerry Zaks, “Bearing Witness for My Family: Surviving the Holocaust”


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Thursday, June 3: Online Presentation: “Bearing Witness for My Family:
Surviving the Holocaust”

Holocaust researcher Jerry Zaks will present the true story of his parents’
experiences as victims and ultimate survivors of the Holocaust on Thursday,
June 3, at 7:30 p.m. His 50-minute presentation is comprised of historical
records, actual Nazi documentation and audio clips from his 1980 interview with
his parents. It is a deeply personal story about the human experience of the
Holocaust. His presentation, “Bearing Witness for My Family: Surviving the
Holocaust,” shows that survival is dependent on your own strength as well as the
actions of good people who were resistors to the violence and murder. It starts
in 1937, when his parents were 17 and 18 years old, and traces their lives from
before WWII, how they survived multiple concentration camps and death
marches, and how they eventually rebuilt their lives in America.
This webinar is part of Temple Israel & JCC’s ongoing lecture series.
Participation is free and everyone is welcome. For link, synagogue.org .
After retiring in 2016 from a successful career in IT and computer
programming, Jerry Zaks started a quest of researching and documenting the
history of his parents’ experiences and hardships growing up in Poland in the
1930s. Starting with a two-hour audio interview he conducted with his parents,
Jerry has now spent over four years researching his parents’ experiences to fill in
the details and to tell their story.
Most recently, Jerry has continued his efforts to keep the memory of the Shoah
alive by assembling a second detailed presentation on how anyone can conduct
their own research on a family member’s experiences of the Holocaust;
“Recovering the Past: Researching the Fate of One’s Family in the Shoah.”
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