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Temple Israel & JCC

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Temple Israel & JCC

Coffee with the Rabbi

Coffee with the Rabbi


March 8, 2023    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Coffee with Rabbi Fine aka Temple Talk, aka Cawfee Tawk, aka The Lunch Club, aka The upshot

Zoom link  Be here the first Wednesday in March 



Highlights of a conversation.  Talking temple, 12 pm – 1 pm, ZOOM.  Warm February, 2023.  Should we record these great talks on YouTube, for posterity?  jk   YouTube is significant,  it is a level of posterity, it is the downfall, chemical spill of society’s brain.  No names will be used to protect the innocent. Ha!  Anyway, regulars, like me, appeared in the Zoom.  All women today, except the Rabbi.  Total # = 4.  Talk concerning the video recordings and getting them up & out on our YOUTUBE site already!  Working on it!!  Talk of the author Dara Horn.  Attention:  Event for Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) this year.  Other Dara Horn books & Varian Fry were highlighted, writers recommendations & such.  I learned quite a lot about the program, for instance, no Q & A time, survivors speeches.  Mental note: look into it.

Any chicken-pluckers in the family tree?  Such a story on today’s call.  (We should be recording this stuff)  Ha!  Look into it.  
Chronicles of good times past, particularly in human affairs, histories. Then:  Kenya/Tanzania, Upstate,  Karl  Marx, chicken DNA, Purim Shpiel, herding, raising, milking cows, farms, (Animal Farm), slaughter, crossing borders, kosher Agra-farms, tax fraud, Midwest, cow rescue, shochets, electric fences, sharing links, old friends, old friends, sons, lunch with Pamela, generate more next week.  I kind of miss High School current events. 


September 14th – A broad discussion of topics:  Ritual, plastic bag ban, places where Yiddish is still spoken, The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office & the Rabbi’s work as chaplain, Rosh Hashanah planning, Queen Elizabeth, updates on other members, Hasidism & such things.  Those are the headlines for now.  Shavua Tov.

June 15th schmooze:  A new baby is born!  Grandma, Grandpa checked for 10 little fingers & 10 little toes; Mazel Tov!  I shall not list names in these synopsis, I regretted doing so in the previous post, simply bad form.  Oh, this is Stacey, allow me the opportunity, “these posts are my own & in no way reflect anyone’s opinion but my own.”  I have been meaning to include that.  I joined the call 10 minutes in …. Here’s what I heard.  Coffee, coffee beans, technique, coffee ice cubes, coffee pots, classically designed coffee pots, automation v manual coffee making, grinding.  There was an absence of irony in the momment.  I see it now.  (Moment has controversial spellings.)  Then my phone went dead.  Turns out, it auto-shut down due to temperature.  I called from my parked car.  Anyway…
I do this to briefly rehash our convivial conversations and also, to let you know that we usually have a few good laughs.    

Last March meeting – Well, I was happy to see Annemarie – was she a first-timer?  The news there; she’s leadership de Tikkun Olam.  Oh, and a personal friend indeed.  She got skills.  A good afternoon COFFEE for the rest of us!  Hey Helen!  Turn on a light!  Finally saw Helen at shul.  Yay!  Could you be next?  Bob, Millman, The Weissmans and by extension their families-we are always happy for the exclusives when it comes to hosting Passover, Rabbi’s health update, dressing norms for shul,  men in ties, travelling to Baltimore & there you have it, not enough?  Join us next time.  

February overdue Topics: Google. China, Trump updates, being 19 weeks in TX-what to do,  Supreme Court of United States, Inflation; lt’s better than recession or deflation.  Now, pause for a second.  Where is Jo?  <<<—-We discussed none of the aforementioned topics.  But we did talk – Did you ever find the fish?  Issues.

Past Topics:  The Mets, Parties, Olympics, High Holy day madness, Israeli political review, life, fave books, Apps, vacations, “verklempt-ness”,  relatives, a lot of “How do I”…and temple friends make a great resource, simchas, NJ Politics, Tri-state, county to county, politics, politics. European voting, how are the kids:the kids are alright, Beit din, bridges, error-free voting, chickens, NYC, Torah, the 1920’s, you name it!
antisemitism, November 3rd, Supreme Court (again), lighting the menorah; right to left, old to new, window and no window instruction perspective, public menorah lighting in Fair Lawn and Ridgewood.  Traffic-Oy!  This, that and many other things.

Future Topics:  Abortion, The Mets, Parties, Olympics, High Holy day madness, Israeli political review, fave books, vacations, “verklempt-ness”,  relatives, classics, brisket vs pot roast, simchas, short term & long term ambitions, NYC, Torah, Reconstruction of the South post-civil war,  original Cawfee Tawk & is it funny, men’s facial hair, etc.  Bring your curiosity & join us. 

Hey, look! These things come up.

If you have any  questions, please email  Jo Rosen, Co-chair, Membership, Temple Israel


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